Being an Accountant

Accounting is an important profession in todays world. We are not saying that it was not important in the past - all we mean is that it was never more universal than in todays world. Though we all indulge in accounting in one way or the other, it becomes a serious profession when we talk about formal setups like Companies and governments. All the people who make a living by working for somebody are liable to pay direct taxes to the government, though there is a relaxation in taxes up to a certain earning level. Have you ever thought what kind of training do accountants have to go through to become professionally certified for doing the job? It must have been obvious to you that a person wont be considered fit for an accounting job without a degree or certification, though in principle you dont need an accounting degree to become an accountant by profession. Here are some details about the profession of Accountants Sutton Coldfield.

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Are certifications necessary?

The fact is that if you have strong certifications under your belt, you make a good case for being hired by a large firm. Some of the top firms pay salaries that are above the national average. Even if you are working independently, basic or intermediate certifications, like AAT accounting level 2 and AAT accounting level 3 respectively, increase your credibility. Both these courses are run by Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) which claims to award 90 per cent of vocational certifications to the professionals in the this field including.

Basic level!

AAT accounting level 2 is a basic level course that makes you familiar with the accounting principles applied by accountants Sutton Coldfield. It tells you about the best practices and ethics followed across the country. After completion of this course, you would be able to use accounting software, work with manual accounting systems, learn doubleentry book keeping, and know basic procedures followed in a professional environment. Above all, if you are looking for a bright and fast-tracked career in accounting, you are strongly advised to pursue this basic level course. You can pursue this course online as well though you may be required to visit the campus once in a while. When you subscribe to this course, you are provided printed study material, access to accounting software, and many other things. After successful completion of this course, you become eligible for higher level certifications which carry more prestige and respect with them. You are required to have Maths and English as subjects at your school or college. If English is your second language, then you need a score of at least 5.5 in IELTS.

Intermediate level!

AAT accounting level 3 is an intermediate level course that prepares you for complex accounting principles which are applicable in corporate and government projects. At this level, you build on the basics you have already learned in level 2.

Are there other options?

Yes there are. These include ACCA course and CIMA professional qualification. These would help you become a management accountant. Rather than working independently, you have to work for a corporate and manage a team.

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